Purchase Card

EBMUD now uses purchase cards to make low-dollar purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Purchase Card?

A Purchase Card is a card-based system that allows employees to make business-related purchases.

What does this mean to you, the vendor?

When employees from EBMUD use a Purchase Card to pay for an item, you:

  • receive payment within 72 hours
  • must provide a receipt to the employee
  • must not send invoices for payment of items purchased with the purchase card
  • must clearly label all documentation “Purchase Card”
  • must not split transactions to stay below limits
  • must not keep account numbers on file for future sales

Do you need special equipment to process purchase card transactions?

If you accept Visa, then you are already set up to receive purchase cards.

For additional information about our Purchase Card Program contact Eulalia Sweet at esweet@ebmud.com or call (510) 287-2017.