Budget and Rates

Following a public hearing on June 11, 2013, the EBMUD Board of Directors approved rate increases necessary to maintain critical infrastructure. Rates are structured to allow EBMUD to deliver the best drinking water to East Bay customers and provide wastewater treatment and services to protect the San Francisco Bay.

This action supports a biennial budget geared to protect the public's $14 billion investment in the District's massive water and wastewater system. The plan supports stronger focus on maintaining and upgrading more than 4,200 miles of pipes and related facilities and operations in five counties. The plan places EBMUD on more stable financial ground on the heels of a drought, declining water sales and the negative impacts of cuts necessitated by years of national economic instability.

EBMUD water rates increase by 9.75 percent in Fiscal Year 2014, and 9.5 percent in FY15. The typical EBMUD water customer who averages 246 gallons daily will see an increase of $3.96 more each month in FY14 and $4.19 more monthly in FY15. EBMUD wastewater rates increase by 9 percent in FY14 and 8.5 percent in FY15, representing an increase to the average wastewater customer of a little more than a dollar a month each budget year. The FY14 rates are effective July 1, 2013 and the FY15 rates on July 1, 2014.

In recent years, EBMUD made deep cuts across the board, with employees forgoing raises to assist the District and its ratepayers during tough times. The new budget will lead to significantly more pipe replacements, avoiding expensive and catastrophic failures and interruptions in service. EBMUD is taking strides to reduce long-term debt by paying more costs from revenue instead of bond funding and is refinancing debt at lower interest rates, resulting in $60 million in future savings.

Even with proposed increases, EBMUD water rates remain among the lowest in the Bay Area. Of the 13 local water agencies surveyed, EBMUD's rates are lower than ten of them.

EBMUDs Budget

Mid-Year Budget Cycle Update - The mid-year budget update provides status of and projected changes to revenues, expenditures, and staffing for the second year of the two-year budget.

Biennial Budget - The Biennial Budget contains a budget overview, priorities, financial forecast, and staffing changes. The Capital Project Supplement provides the details of our Capital Improvement Program.

Budget Fact Sheet - The budget fact sheet is a high level summary of the current biennial budget. The fact sheet summarizes the adopted budget and provides answers to frequently asked questions.

The Budget at a Glance: Where Your Dollar Goes

EBMUD's adopted budget supports EBMUD's mission, values, and strategic plan. The budget funds the highest priority projects and tasks necessary to achieve our goals while keeping our costs and rate increases as low as possible. Our commitment is to provide the highest quality water and wastewater services for our customers while keeping rates low.

Your Water System - Where does each dollar go?
Your Wastewater System- Where does each dollar go?